FUNtastic Summer School 2018 @ Imaginocity!

Three weeks of our super busy Summer School, full of exciting activities in English, are behind us! It has been a great experience both for teachers and students and we are very happy that some of the children decided to come back for more fun at Imaginocity!

During our first week we had  learnt about English speaking countries in Europe: UK and Ireland. First we made a Viking boat which would take us to Ireland and then we went on a bus tour around London. We also made a map of London not to get lost and celebrated Royal wedding;) And at the end of the week we had our first swim in the pool which was really refreshing;)

I am sure children will remember our Fantastic Elastics rhyme:

England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales.

Inside, outside, inside, scales!:)

We also had an amazing yoga workshop with Joanna:

Our second week was about USA and Canada. We had learnt about Indians (and why Christopher Columbus named native people like that;), cowboys, big cities and even….swimming pigs in Bahamas;) At the end of the week we were visited by my friend, teacher and  soon to be children book author from Dublin, Elaine. It was fun!

During our third week we had explored English speaking African countries, learning about their culture and fauna. We even managed to call the rain with our hand made rain sticks and African dances! (Really, it couldn´t be a coincidence;)

Are you ready for more?? We are!;)

Our fourth week was all about Australia and New Zealand. I think we are going to remember the most Haka dance and face tatoos;) However, children learnt also about animals like kangaroo, koala bear, wombat, kiwi, emu  and that Australia has the most (venomous)  snakes and spiders in the world;) We also had fun learning about legendary creatures Hobbits with big heads and spikey ears and their  homeland – Hobbiton in New Zealand.  We even made big hairy feet as Hobbits are famous for it;)

And at the end of the week we made the most of our beach time after learning that the most popular sport in Australia is….surfing! However, we needed to look our for all different kinds of sharks!;)


Our fifth and last week of Summer School was about INDIA- the country of many wonders and surprises. We had learnt about HOLY COWS, Taj Mahal, Hindu gods of many arms, blue skin and elephant head and the significance of lotus flower. We also painted with glitter and Indian spices, recreating colourful Festival of HOLI.  We got real artists here!

Traditionally we finished our week in the swimming pool, having fun with water pistols, water balloons and water painting:) It´s been a great journey for us and we all had lots of fun! Missing you already, guys!



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